Welcome to Stuart Runcie Golf

Every day I dedicate my time and energy to coaching professionals, top amateurs, and recreational golfers. I have a keen interest in the development of junior golfers in North Wales and proud to say we have a high standard of junior golfers here at Abergele Golf Club. In 2021 I created a Junior School of Golf Programme, which has seen an increase in over 70 juniors to our membership.


As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Golf Instructor, I can add another dimension to your golf performance. Through physical screening to identify your strengths and weaknesses, I can provide an accurate diagnosis and personalised plan to achieve your goals.


I am a fully qualified Trackman Certified Level 2 Professional. By having the very latest Trackman 4 with dual radar technology and state-of-the-art software, I can coach my philosophy with fact-based confidence.


Alongside this, I am K-Motion Level 1 qualified. K-Motion is a 3D Biomechanical system that allows me to analyse all aspects of a player’s golf swing and identify areas that could do with some improvement. For example, increasing the amount of pelvic tilt, understanding a player’s transition sequence, or even encouraging more rotation in their golf swing. This product has been designed for every coach who wants to help players develop to reach their potential.


"Excellent experience with Stuart. Really helped me understand my swing and improve my overall game."
Jason Conway Williams
"Great first session. Made my body hurt but actually feel like I am making a difference after one session. Thanks for the time today Stu. Head full, body doing weird stuff, but start of a process towards a much larger goal."
Adam Jones